What's New
  • 2007/02/20: version 0.9.15 new functionnalities and improvements
  • 2006/08/20: version 0.9.14 bug corrections and improvements
  • 2006/07/10: version 0.9.13 improved engine, look, and manual !
  • 2006/07/04: version 0.9.12 with italian support !
  • 2006/07/03: version 0.9.11, call number selected from web page !
  • 2006/06/24: version 0.9.10 with support for 2 new locales
  • New version 0.9.9 with Extension Manager support !
  • New version 0.9.8 with Firefox-1.5 support !
  • PayPal donations
Mozilla meets IAX2 MozIAX: make phone calls
with your web browser !

What is MozIAX ?

MozIAX is a Firefox VoIP extension, a cross platform software IAX2 phone (softphone) to be used with Asterisk, the Open Source PBX. Like Asterisk, MozIAX is free software.

What distinguish MozIAX from other similar phones is that it is a Firefox (or Mozilla) extension, which gives it the following capabilities:

Other Moziax functionnalities are:

These functionnalities are well suited to build call centers using open technologies.

MozIAX is developped and tested mainly under Mandriva Linux; Windows version is made on XP Pro with MinGW - Minimal SYStem. It has been reported to run on OS X as well, but you will need to compile / install it manually (or donate hardware!).


MozIAX is developped by SysNux; it was partially funded by Banque de PolynÚsie, Convergence, OPT, Crown College, and NUBE.

Special thanks to Yealink for providing a development kit, specially adapted for MozIAX, to support their USB devices.

MozIAX uses:

These libraries are integrated in MozPhone, you don't need to install them separately.

The moziax project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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