MozIAX installation As a Mozilla / Firefox extension, MozIAX installation is simply a matter of clicking on the appropriate link below.

install MozIAX for Linux

install MozIAX for Windows

install MozIAX for Mac OSX not ready (looking for help on that)

You will need to completely close all Mozilla (or Firefox) windows to enable the extension.

Download XPI Alternatively you can download the XPI, and load the file in Mozilla / Firefox.

MozIAX XPI for Linux

MozIAX XPI for Windows


Using MozPhone should be quite intuitive: make calls, answer (or refuse !) incoming calls... The menu is accessible by a right click on the main window.


Preferences are accessed by the main menu (right clicking on the main window). they are grouped by: MozIAX uninstall As all extensions, MozIAX will appear in Firefox's Extension Manager; you can modify preferences or uninstall it from there.

The moziax project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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